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1-Click Checkout

The RocketFuel blockchain based one-click “BUY-NOW” check-out solution is a game-changing technology that promotes remarkable high conversion efficiencies and further stimulates highly impulsive buying in e-commerce scenarios. Ensuring extremely high payment security and privacy infrastructure that the Internet is lacking.

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RocketFuel Blockchain

The perfect solution for both merchants and consumers

Frictionless impulse buying for

Consumer benefits

No money stored

The App is not an eWallet and funds are not administratively held

Data protection

Personal data protected. Zero exposure of spending authority


Easier and more consumer-friendly check-out experience. Just 1-3 clicks.

No more forms

Consumers are not required to fill out new forms, create account/login details, passwords and usernames.


All smartphones supported

Merchant benefits

Impulse buying

Frictionless impulse buying to effect instant online purchases

New sales channels

Buy-now and check-out integrated in the ad

Lower costs. Improved cash-flow

Eliminates expensive intermediaries and creates immediate payments

Exceptional conversion efficiencies

Less checkout hassle creates significantly higher conversion rates

Keep customers close

Social media platforms no longer need to redirect members to third party advertisers.

Enables highly automated fulfilment

Process encrypted payment and shipping information automatically

The company

RocketFuel Blockchain Inc is a Nevada based company, focusing on developing blockchain based technologies and tools, that securely protects consumer’s privacy and identity when purchasing and browsing online and that enables eCommerce and retail merchants to receive payments in a secure, simplified and automated way.


Our values

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It is our dedicated mission to provide Blockchain based check-out solutions that securely automate and simplify the way online payment and shipping information are received from their customers. At the same time the blockchain technology will enhance the customer data protection enabling consumers to pay for goods online without exposing spending credentials with the merchants.

Our vision is that consumers have full control of their own personal data and privacy without the possibility for the tech-giant and other 3rd parties to sell or misuse the information.

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Our team

The RocketFuel management team consists of seasoned professionals with deep domain experience in Internet based payment and banking companies.

Ben Yankowitz
Ben Yankowitz


Law degrees from USC and Cambridge
Expert in ICO law with 30+ years of experience as a corporate attorney specializing in securities, financial and M&A transactions.

Peter Jensen
Peter Jensen


Well-known Silicon Valley executive, has over 30 years’ experience in tech, having served in senior positions with Oracle and Symantec

Rohan Hall
Rohan Hall


33 years technology experience; Published author, Fintech Founder, serial entrepreneur with successful Exit
Blockchain Expert

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Investor Relations

RocketFuel Blockchain Inc. is quoted on the OTC QB under the ticker symbol: RKFL

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