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High efficiency check-out

Ultra high efficiency check-out is achieved in single click schemes that bring about high volume impulse buying and excellent cart conversion rates

Enhanced consumer protection

Zero exposure to spending authority

revolutionary check-out systems

Blockchain based check-out environments, changing the shopping card paradigm 

ROCKETFUEL at a glance

Frictionless impulse buying to effect instant online purchases
Enhanced Consumer Data Protection
Full support on the blockchain protocols
Payment and shipping information stored in the blockchain data load file
5 US Patent Applications

ROCKETFUEL for consumers


Traditional online purchase
With RocketFuel
Click on product 1st click 1st click
Re-direct to web-shop 2nd click No re-direct
Size and colour selection 3rd click 2nd click
Add to cart 4th click 3rd click
Account creation Typing information Not needed
Fill in personal information and shipping address Typing information Not needed
Fill in delivery mode Typing information Not needed
Payment options, eWallet, credit cards or bank-transfers 5th click Not needed
Payment information, consider web-shop reliability Typing and exposure of spending authority Not needed
Verification and redirect to 3DS or similar 2-way authentication methods 6th click and another redirect Not needed


ROCKETFUEL for merchants


Traditional process
With RocketFuel
Integration of cart modules Application based
Server to server integration to Payment Service Providers No servers needed. No integration needed.
PCI requirements and security issues No PCI requirements
Merchant account applications with acquirers No applications needed
Card-scheme fees and charges No fees and charges
Acquirer fees and charges No fees and charges
Typing information Not needed
Chargeback handling No chargebacks possible
Re-direct issues and low conversion rates No redirect. Ultra high conversion rates.
Delayed settlements Instant settlements
Manual processes handling personal data and shipping info. No manual processes. Automated fulfilments.



1910 – Cash only
$3,148 million of cash value is in circulation in the US
1951 – Credit cards introduced
20,000 Diners Club Cards are in circulation in US
1973 – ATMs
250 De la Rue Barclaycash machines are in operation in UK
1986 – POS terminals
The first standard for smart payment cards is deployed in France
1994 – Online payments
The first encrypted online payment is made between friends for Sting’s Ten Summoner’s Tales album
1997 – Vending Machines
Payment by text is offered through a limited number of vending machines in the US
2008 – Faster Payments
Faster Payments is the first new payments system to be introduced in the UK for over 20 years
2009 – Uber
The launch of Uber sparks debate as to what extent disruptive business models will replace traditional models
2015 – Wearable Payments
Wearable payments total close to $35 billion worldwide, set to increase to $95 billion in 2018
2018 – Blockchain
RocketFuel introduces the Worlds first blockchain based check-out solution eliminating the need for any 3rd parties including PSPs, acquirers and card-schemes



Our vision is to revolutionize the existing payment ecosystems by accelerating the use of disruptive Blockchain technologies that will simplify the transfer of value between multiple parties, securely and with minimal operational or technical friction.


RocketFuel Blockchain Company Ltd. is a Nevada technology company focused on developing Blockchain based check-out solutions that enable eCommerce and retail merchants to receive payments in a secure, simplified and automated way.


It is our dedicated mission to provide Blockchain based check-out solutions that securely automate and simplify the way online payment and shipping information are received from customers. At the same time the blockchain technology will enhance customer data protection enabling, consumers to pay for goods online without exposing spending credentials with the merchants.


The RocketFuel management team consists of seasoned professionals with deep domain experience in Internet-based payment and banking companies.


Gert Funk
  • MSc Economics
  • CEO and Founder of CNG PRO, Monaco, and Denmark
  • 14 years as Payment Service Provider for International eCom merchants
  • Founder and CEO of BigeFinancials A/S – a fully FSA licensed financial institution
  • Serial entrepreneur since 1990
  • Blockchain expert since 2015
Hans Vestardt

• National Academy of Talented Youth. Denmark
• CEO and Founder of Evrest A/S, Denmark.
• Young & driven entrepreneur with natural flair for technology and project management
• Access to large a large network of young & talented individuals in various start-up companies
• Experience with a wide range of programming languages

Bennett Yankowitz
CFO and Legal
  • BA Mathematics
  • Law degrees from USC and Cambridge
  • Expert in ICO law with 30+ years of experience as a corporate attorney with leading law firms, specializing in securities, financial and M&A transactions, and has extensive background in financial analysis and real estate investment and development


  • Ethereum developer specialised in Smart Contracts / Dapps using Solidity / truffle.js / React / mocha.js
  • Full stack Javascript developer
  • 9 years total software development experience
  • Solidity/web3 developer, smart contracts, audit, code review, scripting languages like python
  • Full stack developer (Python, JS frameworks like Node, Express, React, Angular, and mobile dev – iOS, React Native)
  • Implementing backend API with Node.js
  • Project management
  • Development of quality software tools and products based on requirements
  • Source code documentation and administration
  • Experienced developer and project manager
  • Extensive Solidity / Ethereum development / deployment experience
  • Security audits, contract development, and strategy
  • Decentralised web and mobile apps
  • Ethereum and NEO smart contracts
  • Admin and service monitoring panels
  • Code reviews
  • Coding in AngularJS, TypeScript, ASP.NET Core MVC
    MSSQL, EF, ASP.NET MVC, Knockout.js, Kendo UI
  • C#, .Net Framework, LINQ, Entity Framework, SQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, Ajax, ADO.NET
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